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The quality of a company depends on the quality of its communications. And to maintain the fluidity of communications, a reliable and fast you will need the best business internet connection as an essential start point for quality internet. Regardless of their size, all companies need the best business internet connection to:

  • Telstra

  • Optus

  • TPG

  • Nexgen

  • FTG

A wide range of Internet packages are available to business owners. We introduce you to the country’s main Internet service providers.

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FTG Best Business Internet Plans

By choosing FTG’s services, small businesses can enjoy NBN plans. These are basic NBN plans with 12 speeds. NBN 50 and NBN 100 options are also available and offer unlimited data under different contract terms. In some regions, customers can access broadband packages via Fibre 400. FTG provides per month billing for speeds up to 400 Mbps. Other packages for 1 Gbps starts on 36-month contracts.

Best Business Internet NBN & Fibre Plans

If you are a small business owner, FTG’ broadband prices are equal to those of its NBN and residential ADSL plans. All of our best internet plans data is unlimited. You enjoy Standard Plus speed, which is equal to a NBN 50 plan. The Premium NBN 100/20 plan is available. In addition to NBN and ADSL, FTG also offers mobile broadband for businesses. You can also enjoy an optional phone line that includes:

  • Local mobile calls
  • National calls
  • Australian calls

FTG Business NBN Plans

FTG provides small businesses with broadband services that include many types of connections:

  • NBN
  • ADSL2+
  • Fibre and cable

For Basic NBN and ADSL customers, unlimited data plans. Within 24-month contracts, these plans include:

  • Pay-per-use calls
  • A static IP address
  • A free Wi-Fi modem

There are two levels of NBN speed: NBN 50 Standard Plus Evening Speed and Premium NBN 100 speed for an extra $30 per month. It is also possible to add a FTG pack to your plan. This pack includes:

  • Local mobile calls
  • National mobile calls
  • Standard mobile calls

Best Plans Available

For small businesses, FTG’s broadband services start at $100 per month. NBN and ADSL customers are entitled to unlimited data. Each package is available on a monthly ad hoc basis. For new customers, a FTG’s Smart Business modem with a 4G mobile broadband backup will be made available. All plans include a static IP. You can also enjoy 24/7 support in case anything happens with your plan.

As with the previous Telcom provider, all NBN subscribers benefit from a Standard Plus speed (NBN 50) which can be replaced by the Premium top speed (NBN 100). For businesses that wish to enjoy high-speed access and a call pack. This pack includes:

  • Unlimited data at NBN 50 speeds
  • A phone line
  • Unlimited local, national, and standard mobile calls

Need Help Choosing The Best Business Internet Plan?

First and foremost, the best business internet provider that works best for your business is the provider that services your area—so always start your search by plugging in your business’s address. Keep in mind that providers’ offers and rates will vary according to your location, too.

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