Biamp Devio

Devio is used to deliver all of Biamp’s years of audio experience in a streamlined, curated, and automated experience. It is designed for small conference rooms, providing AV experiences for users of web-based video conferencing systems, and offers easy connectivity and good sound quality.

Biamp Devio CR-1 provides multiple USB ports for attaching computer peripherals for video conferencing, creating a desktop-like experience.

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Key Features Of The BIAMP DEVIO

Easy of Use

All new user interface that allows even the least tech-savvy person to use with ease.


Reduced Environmental impact

  • The support device has management over a corporate network.
  • Two-year Biamp Extra Systems warranty.
  • Built-in 20W amplifier or RCA line-out is included in speaker connectivity.
  • USB 2.0/3.0 input for single-cable audio/video connectivity.
  • Connection of one or two displays is enabled by Integrated Display Link USB graphics technology.
  • The driverless connection uses Pass-through HDMI connectivity for display information
  • Acoustic Echo Cancellation.
  • Automatic room setup and gain control
  • Includes mounting bracket for under-the-table installation

The SCR-20 uses Beamtracking microphones and professional-grade DSP to optimize the audio quality. This allows far-end conference participants to have natural conversations that are crystal clear.

  • It supports both Windows and Mac PCs.
  • Uses standard audio drivers.
  • Auto Setup validates device connections and adjusts room levels to optimize audio quality.
  • Works with PCs running web-based conferencing solutions.
  • Can be monitored and managed remotely.

Conferencing Hub Biamp Devio

The conferencing hub receives and transmits audio streams over USB via a USB Class 1 Audio device, supporting an automated audio setup process that confirms device connections and optimizes audio output levels after physical installation is complete. It is equipped with one High-Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI) port on the front panel, and two HDMI ports on the rear panel.

Devio DTM-1

The DTM-1 is a tabletop microphone that is used in Devio systems. The microphone has Beam-tracking technology with three 120-degree zones, providing coverage of the meeting space. Devio provides cost-effective high-quality audio solutions.


  • Easy single-cable installation process.
  • Three LED mute status indicators.
  • Two selectable directivity modes.
  • Three capacitive touch mute buttons.
  • RJ-45 connects daisy-chain to another DTM-1 microphone.
  • Covered by Biamp Systems’ two-year warranty.

More Specifications Of The Biamp Devio

It utilizes a proprietary network via an RJ-45 connector for software configuration, audio networking, and control. The Beamtracking tabletop microphone contains eight-element microphones. Multidirectional beamforming and automatic signal tracking capabilities are offered by tabletop microphones.

The technology operates in conjunction with acoustic echo cancellation technology (AEC) under U.S. Patent 9659576. Three capacitive-touch buttons are included by the tabletop microphone for changing the mute state and supports single-cable installation and tabletop mounting.

Biamp Devio Pros

  • Delivers high-quality audio in public spaces and large venues.
  • Maintains comfort and awareness.

  • Audio and mute sync for USC systems.
  • It is not strict.
  • Engages customers in small and medium-size spaces.
  • Single cable solution allowing streamlined results, and avoids excessive cabling.
  • Automatic device discovery and tuning.
  • A powerful hassle-free approach is delivered to meeting rooms of all sizes.
  • Intelligently mixes and Tracks voices ate mixed around the room intelligently.

Is Biamp Devio a worth purchase?

Biamp Devio is a versatile solution for productive meetings, and a collaboration tool for modern workplaces bringing full conference room audio and video.

Genuine communication possible is made possible by Biamp’s innovative audiovisual solutions, whether across the room or around the globe.

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