Biamp Tesira

The Biamp Tesira is known for being the next-generation digital audio processor. The digital audio server has twelve analog inputs and eight analog outputs. This includes up to eight channels of configurable USB audio.

It utilizes digital audio networking and can be used as a standalone device.

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Easy of Use

All new user audio processor

Speed Of Operation

Next Generation Speed Features Build In


Reduced Environmental impact

  • Rack-mountable easy installation (1RU).
  • Gigabit Ethernet port.
  • 128 by 128 channels of AVB.
  • System configuration and control via Ethernet.
  • Two-line OLED display with full capacitive-touch navigation.
  • RS-232 serial port.
  • Four-pin GPIO.
  • Signal processing allows easy configuration and control of signal routing, mixing, equalization, filtering, and delay.
  • Internal universal power supply.
  • TesiraFORTÉ is Covered by Biamp Systems’ five-year warranty.

The innovative device is designed exclusively for use with Tesira systems, supporting Audio Video Bridging (AVB). Which is a digital audio networking that allows 128 by 128 channels. The AVB networking connection is implemented on an RJ-45 connector which supports an Ethernet connection for programming and control on an RJ-45 connector.

The fixed I/O DSP has DSP processing for producing excellent sound quality. It includes four channels of General-purpose Input and Output connection (GPIO) that is used for sending or receiving logic signals. Allowing the program to support configuration. It provides eight balanced output channels for the easy use of a microphone or line-level analog audio signals on screw-down, removable connectors.

Each channel has its dedicated connection. It provides OLED identification of device power, activity, status, and system-wide alarm. The mountable (1RU) and feature software-configurable signal processing. This includes signal routing, mixing, equalization, filtering, dynamics, delay, control, monitoring, and diagnostic tools.

Presentation & Conferencing Made Easy Buy Now!

The Biamp Tesira AVB VT4 digital signal processor allows the running of effortless and efficient meetings. Choose from an example of a traditional VoIP call with the HD-1 Dialer or a soft codec call using conferencing technologies like Skype for Business, WebEx, or Google Hangouts, to connect with anyone, anywhere. The AVB solution leverages the power of Biamp’s AEC technology, creating a superior audio experience.

Tesira Biamp

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Information can be shared using DSP processing and hardware across multiple rooms. This supports instruction and collaboration, which allows a single professor to lead a session in more than one classroom.

Courtroom & Business Technologies Tesira Biamp

The Tesira SERVER-IO enables managing audio for all courtroom proceedings. They include speaker levels, microphones, audio playback, remote arraignment, and recordings from multiple sources, for example, DVDs, MP3 players, recorders, and other devices.

Distance Conferencing With Tesira Biamp

Workforces have become more distributed, contributing to the increase in the need to work and correspond remotely. Online conferencing has therefore become more crucial than ever before. The Tesira device provides crystal clear audio that transforms your audio experience during online conferences.

Pros of Biamp TesiraFORTÉ

  • Includes default configuration files, allowing for plug-and-play usage.
  • Accommodates demanding conference applications.
  • A small industrial design and streamlined network are combined by the signal processing of the original series.
  • Intelligently mixes and Tracks voices ate mixed around the room intelligently.
  • It Integrates directly with USB audio hosts and soft codecs.

Cons of Biamp Tesira

  • TesiraFORTÉs’ pricing and installation are very expensive.

Is Tesira Biamp Worth The Price?

Tesira is commonly known for being Biamp’s flagship audio and video platform, and a true networked media system. It is loaded with audio, video processing, and distribution platform. The Tesira software manages and configures all the Tesira products with dynamic, efficient AV systems required by the customers.

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