Product Overview

Speakers should not only deliver rich, affectionate sound to your theatre system but also save you space. With speakers, aesthetic features like color are as important as sound quality. No one wants their new device to be easily noticeable. For a better touch to your home’s audio setup, selecting the best ceiling speakers is vital.

We offer you a widely trusted line of surface-mount and in-ceiling loudspeakers from FreeSpace FS. The BOSE FS2s is an exceptional surface-mount speaker that delivers an incredible sound experience while saving your space.

The Bose FS2SE speaker is suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications. It features a full-range 2.25″ cone transducer, low-frequency range down to 83 Hz, 16-ohm, and 70/100V operation. The audio connections are terminated with a removable 6-pin Euroblock connector.

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Key Features


Up to 25PPM

Easy of Use

All new user interface with 90 degree tilting 10″ touch screen panel

Print Speed

Next Generation Security Features Build In


Reduced Environmental impact

  • Full-range 2.25-inch transducer
  • 16-watt, 16-ohm surface-mount speaker
  • 145-degree x 140-degree nominal coverage
  • Weather-resistant input cover
  • Voiced across all FS models
  • Adjustable logo
  • A ceiling mount steel-coated bracket
  • 7 predefined mounting angles
  • Euroblock 6-pin connector
  • Extra accessories; aluminium grille, DesignMax bracket, and Ceramic Terminal with Fuse Kit
  • Black and white finishing options
  • Voice and fire alarms systems
  • 5-year warranty

Excellent sound reproduction

The BOSE FS2s speakers give an impeccable experience in both music and voice production. You are guaranteed clear sounds anywhere devoid of unwanted noises.

A full-range driver that offers a low-frequency range down to 83 Hz, nominal impedance of 16-ohm, and 70/100V operation. Enjoy a smooth and quality tone quality with voicing enabled in all our loudspeakers.

Multiple mounting options

Whether you need a speaker for indoor or outdoor installation, you can never go wrong with the FS2S loudspeakers. It features a U-bracket for outdoor/ wet installation as well as a ceiling bracket for in-ceiling mounting.

The speakers are made of high-quality plastic that is UV-fade resistant, plus a weather-resistant cover that allows for outdoor use without losing performance. An optional aluminium grille is also available for harsh environments to avoid red corrosion.

Furthermore, the speaker is highly flexible in the angle of installation. These BOSE speakers come with seven-preset mounting angles to fit your preference.

Hassle-free installation

Set up your BOSE FS2S speakers in a matter of minutes. The 6-pin Euroblock input allows you to connect multiple connectors to the same speaker easily. With its tiny footprint, the euroblock not only eases the setup but also saves you space and money.

What’s more, the bracket has screws to ensure the speakers are securely held on the wall or ceiling for the safety of your family, friends, or colleagues.

  • Perfect voice and music experience
  • Ease installation
  • Can handle the weather
  • Promotes public safety
  • Multiple mounting choices
  • A versatile logo


It might not be decor-friendly.

Why buy BOSE FS2S?

If you need to bring quality sound to more places in your home or work-places, then the FS2SE is the way to go. It is highly rated for outdoor, wet installations due to its ability to withstand harsh conditions.

So, whether you want to enjoy your favourite music by the pool, on the patio, or in your yard, FS2s surface-mounted speakers will give you that fantastic listening experience.

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