The FS4SE is a futuristic surface-mount loudspeaker from Bose, a global leader in manufacturing loudspeakers. The FreeSpace FS4SE is designed for both outdoor and indoor applications. So if you have to carry out a presentation outside in an open place, you wouldn’t have to worry about sound quality.

The greatest advantage of these speakers that make them wonderful for outdoor use is that it’s weather-resistant. It isn’t power-hungry like other speakers. Rated at only 40 watts, it won’t put a dent in your wallet in terms of power bills.

Its 4.5-inch full-range driver can handle both voice announcements and background music with the same clarity. In addition to that, its nominal coverage of 125 by 124 degrees ensures that participants will have a great listening experience, no matter the part of the room they are in.

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Key Features


Up to 25PPM

Easy of Use

All new user interface with 90 degree tilting 10″ touch screen panel

Print Speed

Next Generation Security Features Build In


Reduced Environmental impact

Bose FreeSpace FS4SE Unmatched Sound Quality

The FreeSpace FS4SE has all the sound qualities you need. It is widely trusted for surface-mount and in-ceiling use because it offers a fantastic upgrade in terms of design, durability, tone, and ease of installation.

The FreeSpace FS4SE was designed with high-quality performance in mind. That’s why it finds application in almost all commercial spaces. It offers a variety of mounting options and has an ergonomic design. If you seek high-quality, consistent sound, the BOSE FS4SE is the perfect combination of value and performance.

Some of the outstanding features of this surface mount speaker include:

Ease of Installation

Installing the BOSE FS4SE has been made easier by its front-baffle connectors and Euroblock inputs. You can follow the accompanying instructions to install these speakers. It won’t take you long to have the speaker up and running and well configured. However, if you aren’t sure how to go about it, let an expert help you, so you don’t get a compromised sound quality.

Consistent quality

All the FS4SE models share voicing. This sharing helps in maintaining consistent and high-quality sound. Even when moving across the room, you won’t hear any variation in sound. Everything will remain clear. The sound quality is consistent whether you are using the speakers indoors or outdoors.

Compatible With a Variety of Amplifiers

This is perhaps the main reason why many people like the FS4SE surface-mount speakers. With these speakers, you’ll have to walk around searching for compatible amps. They can work with almost all types of amps in the market. However, it doesn’t harm to find out whether the amp you are buying will be the perfect match for your FS4SE.

Super-versatile Operation

The FS4SE combines low-impedance operation and 70-volt/100-volt to provide the most efficient and versatile operation. Inside the box, you’ll find 5 loudspeakers that work at two different sound levels. This helps you with the best voice and music. Its transducers enable it to produce a smooth response and clear audio reproduction for immersive background music.

Portable and Durable

The Bose FS4SE dimensions are 7″ by 7″ by 6.7″, making it a very portable speaker, more specifically because it weighs only 7.5 lbs. Its casing is made of engineered plastic which provides adequate protection for the speaker. It also has an aluminum grille for added protection.

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