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Fibre is one of the fastest business grade internet services currently available in Australia.

New ways of using it have been created with this technology for Australian companies. It has a reduced line attenuation and a much higher bandwidth reaching the Gigabit level. The advantages of fibre business internet are many. More and more of you are now equipped with this technology that boosts your productivity.

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Printing is a process for mass reproducing text and images using a master form or template.


Data are units of information, usually numeric, that are collected through observation.


Phone is short for telephone, meaning the instrument used to call others.

Fibre Business Internet Is The Technology Of The Future

Business internet and optical fibre is a very thin glass wire. It conducts light without significant losses and over very large distances. Thanks to these characteristics and the development of optoelectronic components for modulating light, fibre optics are mainly used in the transmission of data streams throughout Australian businesses, NBN 1000 can also be choice for many small companies.

From small local businesses to large chains and even public institutions, no one has ever dreamed of such a fast connection the past years. Thanks to the Service Level Agreement (SLA), you can now get a plan from many Australian telecom providers. Some of them offer a 99.95% availability.

What Can Business Internet Do For Me?

The power supply of a WiFi network by the fibre technology allows it to get performances far superior to those of a VDSL or ADSL connection. The fibre represents a qualitative support to offer high speeds to all users of the network. This type of Internet connection is essential to maintain a quality WiFi service for businesses. Especially when the number of simultaneous users is high. This is often the case for WiFi in hotels as well as campsites it is essential for your company to get good business internet.

Benefits of Fibre Internet for your business

Are you a professional looking for a solution for your business? Having an Internet access from fibre offers many advantages:

  • A more stable and fluid connection thanks to the symmetry of the flow
  • A data transfer up to 100 times higher than ADSL
  • A balanced cost for the subscription
  • The availability of HD, Ultra-HD (4K) and even 3D streams, especially for television and VOD downloads
  • Insensitivity to electromagnetic interference, which prevents untimely disconnections
  • The connection speed does not depend on the distance between the access point and the connection node
  • The possibility of using applications dedicated to the cloud, as well as to a home automation infrastructure
  • No signal drop. Even if several people connect simultaneously with different devices (smartphones, computers, tablets, etc)

Is your office eligible for fibre internet?

In order for your office to be connected to your city’s local fibre network, it must be fibre-eligible. How do you find out? All you have to do is complete a fibre eligibility test. It will tell you if fibre has been deployed to your address. It will also tell you which providers have connected to this network. You will then be able to subscribe to the fiber from these telecom operators.

Internet (IoT) For Businesses

The IoT large satellite product is a data source that allows companies to access real-time monitoring data. It is particularly important for public authorities. This solution also allows data to be collected from many sources for backhaul type uses.

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