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The world is becoming more interconnected every day. It is vital to be part of this evolution if we are not to be overtaken by the similarly rising competition. Before, a simple access to emails was enough. It is now one of the thousands of things you have to ensure to provide an optimal service to your customers.

A reliable and fast connection is no longer an asset but a necessity in today’s business world. To cope with this digital revolution, NBN offers a wide network access for all Australian businesses. All you have to do is subscribe to it with the provider of your choice.

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Key Features


Printing is a process for mass reproducing text and images using a master form or template.


Data are units of information, usually numeric, that are collected through observation.


Phone is short for telephone, meaning the instrument used to call others.

Picking a solution based on your needs

Every industry is different, and every company is unique. Data and communication solutions must be customized. This is to ensure that each client’s business is optimally supported.

Small businesses

If your business needs are relatively small, you may want to consider solutions that combine a Class 4 product. NBN and the provider you chose have an Enhanced Service Level Agreement (ELA) in place to manage response times for all issues within NBN’s scope of responsibility.

Medium businesses

If you are running a business with more demanding needs, you can get a plan based on the Class 2 product. It is designed to give your supplier a committed information rate for upstream and downstream wholesale flows.

Large businesses

With the replacement of many manual processes with online alternatives, a suitable solution for you would be a plan based on the bulk product Traffic Class 2. You can complement this plan with improved service levels between NBN and your supplier.

Fair competition conditions

One of the great advantages of the NBN access network is that it provides a single access network for all providers. This promotes a climate of fair competition. Each of these providers must differentiate themselves in terms of service and value offered. This allows you to compare different offers. You can easily find the best match for your particular requirements. If not, you’re free to change your plan whenever you want.

Connecting to a plan powered by business NBN

The NBN network being a wholesale network, you have to get information on the subject from intermediate suppliers. They are in direct contact with the manufacturer and can guide you in your choice.
The services available from these suppliers include the following:

  • Bandwidth or speed
  • Traffic class
  • Service level agreement (SLA)

They use each of these components and blend them with their own set of tools and resources. This is how they create the NBN business plans that will be provided to your facility.

Broadening the customer base

The speed of your Internet connection helps improve your customers’ experience and satisfaction. This is a must for every business owner, whether it is a growing company or a company that wants to pamper its current customers. Thanks to the NBN access network, Australia is creating a national digital community. Fast speeds are now considered standard.

Internet of Things (IoT)

The IoT large satellite product is a data source that allows companies to access real-time monitoring data. It is particularly important for public authorities. This solution also allows data to be collected from many sources for backhaul type uses.

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