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Internet speed refers to the performance of your fixed or mobile internet connection. The faster the speed, the less time it takes you to download a file, update your software, or view a website. It is also your internet speed that determines the quality of your communication or streaming videos. Pretty much all the things that we need to thrive in our society, both personally and professionally.

Fibre is the technology that allows you to reach the best Internet speeds. As a comparison, the theoretical largest speed is 15 Mb/s in ADSL. The real speed, the one available to users, is often much lower: 8 Mb/s on average. With fibre 100, we are talking about a minimum speed of 100 Mb/s. Its potential is unlimited.

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Printing is a process for mass reproducing text and images using a master form or template.


Data are units of information, usually numeric, that are collected through observation.


Phone is short for telephone, meaning the instrument used to call others.

Why is Internet speed so important?

Speed is crucial as it determines your internet experience on a daily basis. If your speed is too slow, your browsing may be affected: web pages that take several seconds to display with each click, or even disconnections.

With the global spread of online videos and social networks, internet speed is even more important. If your connection speed is not fast enough, videos will load slowly. The communication flow will suffer greatly causing impatience on both sides. This is all the more frustrating as Australian households have several screens in their homes. Besides, simultaneous usage is on the rise.

The benefits of Fibre 100

Fiber 100 offers many opportunities for its users. Apart from the immediate display of web pages, it allows much faster downloading of large files, regardless of the type of file:

  • HTTP

  • FTP

  • Newsgroups

  • P2P networks

Of course, all this is only possible if you have servers that send data just as quickly. These users can enjoy all the HD channels without any interruption due to flow problems. And they also have no problem receiving 4K programs, even if they are still few in number. Last but not least, they can continue surfing the Internet at their leisure or record another TV program at the same time.

High speed at low cost

These are the highest connection speeds available through the main operators’ fiber subscriptions. Depending on the chosen subscription, the speed may vary.

If you are looking for a Fibre Ethernet private network service, FTG deploys a dedicated fibre optic connection. It connects your premises to the backbone network. It is possible to select a speed upon registration. The speed ranges from 10Mbps to 100Mbps.

Can my 4G connection be faster than my WiFi?

With the rise of 4G mobile networks, the speed of cellular connections has increased dramatically. In the 3G era, the speed rarely went above 10 Mbps. Now, thanks to 4G, the speed on smartphones varies between 10 and 300 megabits per second. To further increase the speed of 4G, operators are adding new antennas using new radio frequencies. This is known as 4G+, an upgrade leading up to 5G.

Fast Internet for Everyone

The most common problems for many companies are the allocation of bandwidth to the most critical applications and its restriction to non-business applications. Unfortunately, their productivity can suffer from such a scenario.

If you choose to upgrade to Fibre 100, you will be able to enjoy top speed through unlimited usage plans. In other words, every sector can enjoy the benefits of the bandwidth.

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