Konica Minolta AccurioPress C14000

Konica Minolta’s AccurioPress C14000 is a digital press that made numerous impressive appearances at tradeshows before launch. The device boasts of an impressive feature set and capabilities such as excellent image reproduction at incredible speeds. Perhaps its most prominent feature is the TU-510 four-side full-bleed trimmer and the increased efficiency that offers higher profitability for those in the printing industry.

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At 140 pages per minute for A4 size pages, the AccurioPress C14000 is an impressive piece of technology and demonstrates Konica Minolta’s aspiration to be an industry leader. The AccurioPress C14000, according to the company, was designed from the ground up, based on client input, ensuring that it is an all-rounded digital manged print printing factory.

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Key Features Of Konica Minolta’s Range


Unbelievable Print Speed

Easy of Use

All new user interface with 90 degree tilting 10″ touch screen panel

Print Speed

Next Generation Security Features Build In


Reduced Environmental impact

Top AccurioPress C14000 Features For Commercial Use

Excellent Printing Quality and Versatility
One of the unique aspects of the AccurioPress C14000 is that it is ideal for customers who are looking to increase productivity through speed and efficiency. However, outstanding 3,600×2,400 dpi image quality and the 140ppm is just the tip of the iceberg for Konica Minolta’s latest commercial offering.

The AccurioPress C14000 can print on various media from synthetics to envelopes and textured stocks. The device also offers duplexing of up to 35”, banner printing and simplex capabilities of up to 51”. In other words, the printer can easily produce eight-panel gatefold brochures and book covers. Further efficiency is assured as the device prints envelopes using the standard fuser. To get a free quote on your managed print services or more information click here.

The Konica Monolta IQ-501 Intelligent Quality Optimizer

The AccurioPress C14000 comes equipped with the company’s IQ-501 Intelligent Quality Optimizer. The optimizer automatically measures and corrects colours resulting in superior quality output along with unsurpassed consistency across the entire document. The two-dimensional registration correction is made possible via the higher printing resolution. The enhanced auto inspection offers better performance, first by verifying print quality then by, detecting streaks, spots, and blemishes.

The instant inline finishing with the TU-510 Versatile Trimmer Unit that is a four edge trimmer and creaser allows for full-bleed finishing support for all types of documents from direct mail to booklets and business card cutting. This device is available in both Melbourne and Sydney.

Key Features

The new leader models separate themselves with exceptional print quality, astounding media adaptability and the most extensive level of robotization. With their speed of up to 140 ppm, the AccurioPress C14000 just takes care of the work, for quite a while – printing with consistency, dependability, straightforwardness and proficiency on a wide exhibit of media.

Architecture External
OS Windows 10
CPU Intel® Xeon 5118
Clock speed 2.3 GHz
RAM std 32 GB
HDD 4,5 TB
Page-description language Adobe PostSript 3; PDF v1.7; APPE v5; PDF/VT-1/-2 v3; PDF/X1a,3,4; PPML v3.0; PCL; Creo VPS
Applicable OS Windows 8.1/10; Windows Server 2012/R2/2016/2019; Mac OS X 10.11-14

Durability and Reduced Downtime AccurioPress C14000

The Konica Minolta AccurioPress C14000 with IQ-501 helps to maximize stable print quality, registration from the first to the final print and the fact that it produces more usable prints, consequently minimizing waste. The AccurioPress C14000 maximizes its run-time by offering a very reliable duty cycle of up to 2.5 million A4 size prints per month which is more than twice the toner capacity of previous models. So, businesses can get much more out of their printing press than ever before. Minimizing waste also ensures environmental friendliness and sustainability that’s now at the forefront of Konica Minolta’s engineering policy.

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