Konica Minolta Figure 4 Standalone

Figure 4 Standalone allows users same day prototyping and impressive low volume production at 100mm per hour. It is one of the fastest, most accurate 3D printers, combining speed and accuracy with light-based UV curing, which shaves hours off the 3D printing process. The UV light curing speeds up production time requiring just a few minutes to complete versus traditional heat curing that can take hours.

In addition to UV light curing, the Figure 4 Standalone uses a portfolio of materials that compliment the 3D printer. The new materials enable users to create parts for functional prototypes, rapid design iterations, and various low volume production scenarios assuring durability, functionality, and elasticity.

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Key Features


Up to 25PPM

Easy of Use

All new user interface with 90 degree tilting 10″ touch screen panel

Print Speed

Next Generation Security Features Build In


Reduced Environmental impact

Top Figure 4 Standalone Feature

Fully Integrated and Scalable 3D Printing
The Figure 4 Standalone technology platform is a versatile and affordable low volume production solution offering same-day prototyping. The speed, quality, and accuracy of the 3D printer, coupled with industrial-grade durability, support, and service, make it one of the most affordable printers out there. The compact and easy to use design of the unit puts the Figure 4 Standalone within reach of both professionals and enthusiasts alike.

Quick Turnarounds for All Types of Prototypes

The Figure 4 Standalone provides same-day functional prototyping with its high-speed building process. However, the speed does not come with any compromises to quality and accuracy. Almost anyone, regardless of their skill level or experience using 3D printers, can take advantage of the Figure 4 Standalone’s speed and accuracy thanks to the bundled print management and file preparation software called 3D Sprint.

Versatile 3D Printing Features

The Figure 4 Standalone allows for quick material changeovers bringing production application diversity and functional prototyping to a single 3D printer. The manual material feed comes equipped with separate post-processing units for curing, cleaning, and drying.

3D Connect

The 3D Connect Services offers users access to a cloud-based service team for preventive and proactive support, enabling a better service with improved uptime. 3D Connect has two main modules, the first is the 3D Connect Service, which is designed for remote diagnostics, and then there is 3D Connect Manage for fleet management. Both modules work in tandem to ensure that the Figure 4 Standalone continues to produce 3D assets reliably for users with fewer errors.

Prototyping Using a Broad Range of Materials

3D systems the makers of the Figure 4 Standalone, Material Design Center have been developing materials for over 30 years. That’s why the Figure 4 Standalone supports an already broad yet expanding range of materials that address needed of various applications ranging from functional prototyping to molding and casting. The materials include those with rigid characteristics and ones that are durable, heat resistant, and rubber-like.

3D Sprint Software

The 3D Sprint software sets the bar for 3D printing software. It streamlines the workflow involved with preparing and optimizing CAD designs as well as managing the manufacturing process. 3D Sprint eliminates the need to invest in costly 3rd party software since it also improves the efficiency of your workflow while mitigating errors.

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