Konica Minolta Onyx One

The Onyx One by Markforged is a new plastics only 3D printer that’s designed to be used with the latest Onyx filament. The Onyx filament is specially designed with shredded carbon fibre and nylon. The Onyx One was launched, with Markforged claiming that the new Onyx filament is 2x times harder, stronger and stiffer than regular thermoplastics used by 3D printers ensuring the resulting prototypes can be put through various required tests.

The Onyx One plastics give prototypes, or 3D objects produced a black surface finish which makes it ideal for various end-user applications and prototypes alike.

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Key Features


Up to 25PPM

Easy of Use

All new user interface with 90 degree tilting 10″ touch screen panel

Print Speed

Next Generation Security Features Build In


Reduced Environmental impact

Top Bizhub Onyx One Features

Takes Advantage of Industrial Grade Hardware
The industrial-grade performance of the Onyx One starts with the use of industrial-grade aluminum that makes up the unibody enclosure around the sleek looking ultra-flat gantry system. The stage is also made from machined aluminum with a kinematic bed coupling along with a precision ground print platform.

The Onyx Material

To date the Onyx One, there is the only printer along with the Onyx Pro 3D printer available today that has been designed from scratch in terms of materials, hardware and software. All of this means that the Onyx One seamlessly integrates into your workflow with minimal fuss and with a low technical barrier to entry.

Highest Quality, Reliable Parts

The Onyx One is designed to deliver the best quality parts that are precise in dimensions, robust and easily repeatable. The resulting 3D printed products are durable, stiff and offer the highest degree of accuracy. The resulting material is 14X times stronger and more rigid than regular ABS plastic, plus, Onyx can easily be reinforced with your choice of continuous fibre. In many ways, Onyx also sets the bar for chemical resistivity, its ability to withstand heat and surface finishing.

Built-in Touch Screen

The Onyx One like others in the series comes with a bright, built-in touch screen, which makes connecting to WiFi, managing the printer and executing printing tasks easier via a single interface.

An Affordable 3D Printer

Digital manufacturing has never been easier and cheaper. The Onyx One is a truly plug and play digital manufacturing device with exceptional features but at a comparatively affordable price point.

Intuitive Software Interface

Traditionally 3D design and printing software has been complex for non-engineers to understand. However, the Onyx One comes bundled with software that’s coupled with automatic version control, cloud-based collaboration and real-time fleet management. It is also compatible with Eiger the world’s most advanced 3D printing application. The software has been designed to make manufacturing easier and simpler, enabling users to print metal, plastic or composite parts directly from their web browser using Eiger. Drawings can easily be imported and sliced directly from a browser window.

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