Konica Minolta ProX 800

The ProX 800 uses state-of-the-art SLA technology to produce highly detailed, precise, low cost, and durable 3D models. Using the latest plastic printing technology allows the ProX 800 to produce various prototypes and end-use parts. It is ideal for end-use part manufacturing as well as for the production of components for rapid tooling.

The precise plastic parts produced by the ProX 800 often rival those made using industrial methods like injection molding and CNC, but with the freedom and speed offered by digital 3D printing. Taking advantage of the accuracy, speed of production, and surface quality, users can easily produce low to medium run parts at a very low per-unit cost; the same goes for their ability to build larger, more detailed pieces. That’s why the company’s SLA technology is recognized as the 3D printing industry’s gold standard.

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Key Features


Up to 25PPM

Easy of Use

All new user interface with 90 degree tilting 10″ touch screen panel

Print Speed

Next Generation Security Features Build In


Reduced Environmental impact

Top ProX 800 Features

SLA Quality Scaled Up

The ProX 800 is best known for its ability to print highly accurate 3D parts with excellent surface quality that is only possible with the use of Stereolithography (SLA) manufacturing. The technology used allows users to easily produce assets of all sizes for low to medium run parts, costing a fraction of what it would otherwise cost with other technologies. Plus, it makes building detailed and large pieces quick and cost-effective.

Ideally Suited for Numerous Applications

The ProX 800 is a highly efficient SLA 3D printer that minimizes waste while producing composite materials and exact plastic parts that don’t suffer from the same limitations associated with tooling. The 3D printer is highly reliable, offering excellent accuracy and precision, extending across a broad range of manufacturing materials.

3D Sprint Software

The exclusive software comes bundled with the ProX 800 and helps prepare, optimize, and print your CAD data. Users get access to all the tools they need to efficiently take their designs from simple models on the screen to high-quality CAD printed parts without buying any additional software. However, advanced users who require more features can choose to use the optional 3D Sprint Pro for SLA application.

3D Connect

The 3D Connect Service is a secure cloud-based connection that connects the ProX 800 directly to the 3D systems’ service team. The system allows the support team to push updates and offer preventive support. The result is improved uptime and excellent production assurance for businesses that rely on the 3D printer for rapid prototyping or hobbyists who are just getting into digital 3D printing.

A Myriad of Addictive Manufacturing Materials to Choose

ProX 800 users get to choose from a vast library of addictive manufacturing materials that are developed and tuned to be used for SLA 3D printing engines. The materials allow for tough, rigid, clear, and durable models to be produced to meet the needs of all applications. 3D printing is made easier and more accessible thanks to the bundled 3D Sprint software that streamlines the production of 3D prototypes and mass custom manufacturing processes.

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