NBN is using fibre optic technology to provide high-end network access to forward-looking Aussies. The NBN Business Fibre Initiative offers the highest digital capacity on the market. It has more business grade fibre access than ever before.

This Internet network is both high-speed and reliable. It is becoming more and more indispensable for many businesses in the country. It is an effective way to increase collaboration and team productivity. This solution offers you the best availability of the NBN network. All this is possible thanks to the use of a dedicated fiber between the company’s premises and the NBN fiber access node.

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Key Features


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A premium fibre access network

No more connection problems, data loss or service interruptions for Australian businesses. With its premium fiber access, the Business NBN Enterprise Ethernet offers its providers 99.95% network availability. Its access has quickly spread to more than 1.5 million hotspots across the country. It is enabling surrounding business operations to run smoothly.

Fast and flexible: everything that a business needs

Enterprise Ethernet is the ideal solution for every company. No matter its size or field of activity. The NBN EE suppliers give priority to certain data. This helps reduce any possible congestion for all users. As a result, connection speeds range from 10/10 Mbps up to nearly 1 Gbp.

Choice of service provider

Once you decide to subscribe your office to a NBN EE plan, you are free to choose and change your service provider. You can even change products without having to change your access network. That’s the magic of an open access network!

The most important thing about NBN EE is that you get what you deserve. Every customer is free to choose an option that best suits their needs. This can be based on the number of employees or the sector of activity. Dozens of different suppliers offer detailed solutions to help you make your choice.

Onshore experts provide 24/7 support

The NBN Business Operations Center handles the management of all fiber optic connections. This center is based in Australia, which guarantees 24/7 support. Dedicated experts support all the different NBN EE providers. The goal is to meet the needs of the country’s businesses.

Virtual ISP (VISP)

The Virtual Internet Service Provider (VISP) was created to provide internet access to businesses in remote areas of Australia. These companies need a connection outside of their basic systems. Mostly to access critical business applications. This may include large mining operations or regional companies.

NBN Business Fibre Initiative

To enhance the digital capability of Australian businesses, the NBN provides a professional fibre network. This initiative aims to upgrade the quality of fibre at the request of more forward-looking companies.

Access Bandwidth Service (ABS)

Access Bandwidth Services (ABS) is a solution for corporate and government customers. They need high-quality bandwidth to:

  • Access critical applications
  • Integrate into mission-critical enterprise wide area network (WAN) environments

Internet of Things (IoT)

The IoT large satellite product is a data source that allows companies to access real-time monitoring data. It is particularly important for public authorities. This solution also allows data to be collected from many sources for backhaul type uses.

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