Parle TTM-XEX Tabletop

Businesses are taking active measures to ensure the continuity of their operations amid a global pandemic. The corporate world is leveraging the transformation from cabled microphones to wireless systems more than ever before to support virtual meetings with audio visual solutions. In that sense, the wireless microphone industry could see significant growth soon, which could be a substantial boost for microphone manufacturing industry leaders such as Biamp.

Biamp has set its space as a leading brand in microphone manufacturing and presents several products while utilizing the Beamtracking technology. The Parle TTM-XEX Tabletop is one such product that is an expansion ABV mic meant for use in Tesira systems.

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Key Features


Up to 25PPM

Easy of Use

All new user interface with 90 degree tilting 10″ touch screen panel

Print Speed

Next Generation Security Features Build In


Reduced Environmental impact

Parle TTM-XEX Tabletop Features

  • Utilizes the Beamtracking technology
  • Measures 120 mm in diameter or 4.7 inches
  • Has a single channel of AEC per microphone
  • Features four 90-degree to support a 360-degree view for full coverage
  • Rests directly above the table so that it virtually disappears in the room
  • Features a LED indicator for mute status
  • It comes with a five-year warranty from Biamp Systems
  • Has one cable connection through a CAT cable
  • Must be used with a Parle TTM-X microphone
  • Has color options of black or white
  • RoHS compliant, CE marked, and UL listed
  • Its beamtracking technology actively tracks and mixes speeches
  • Its technology works out of the box without requiring room mapping or lobe aiming

Parle TTM-XEX Installation

Parle TTM-XEX tabletop microphone installation has various tabletops mounting options, network box mounting, tabletop with secure mount, or tabletop mounting with grommet. The network box option is the easiest. You only fix the TTM-X network box to the underside of a tabletop with the hardware.

Tabletop mounting is also simple and requires no tools. You set the mic on the table and route the cable to the network box, and then attach the TTM-X connector to the RJ-45 socket on the network box.

Tabletop Mounting with Grommet Installation

  • Make a 16 mm hole on the tabletop through which you will route the cable
  • Set the mic in place on the tabletop and route the cord via the hole
  • Put the grommet pieces together surrounding the cord and fix in the hole
  • Fix the microphone connector to the RJ-45 socket on the network box

In case you want to remove the grommet, use an appropriate tool or a punch to push it out from the underside of the table so as not to damage the surface of the table.

Tabletop with Secure Mount Installation

  • Make a 16 mm or 5/8 inch hole on the tabletop where you plan to fix the mic
  • Set the secure mount stem beneath the microphone and ensure that the slots are in alignment, and then attach them using the screws.
  • Pull out the microphone cord and push it into the opening located on the secure mount’s stem
  • Run the cable via the hole you made on the tabletop
  • Install the stem via the hole on the table
  • Fix the microphone in place using the retaining hardware on the underside of the table.
  • Attach your microphone connector with the RJ-45 socket on the network box

The maximum length between the microphone and the network box should be 10 meters or 33 feet.

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