Yealink CP960

Do you want to maximize the productivity of your teams with a conference phone? The Yealink HD CP960 IP is for you. It is equipped with echo cancellation technology. The HD audio allows you to make full duplex speakers with high audio quality.

This device features a 5-inch touch screen. It makes it easy to experience your conference room simply by having the conferencing features at your fingertips. It includes the power of the Android 5.1 operating system.

With its excellent balance of ease-of-use and powerful features, Yealink’s CP960 is the most compelling audio conferencing solution for your business.

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Key Features


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High definition audio Yealink CP960

The Yealink CP960 conference phone includes Yealink’s noise-cancelling technology. This feature enhances your audio quality incredibly. Thanks to its integrated network of 3 microphones, the CP960 has a 360-degree voice output. It is an ideal solution for any conference room that needs the best audio.

Thanks to two CPW90 PC expansion amplifiers, the Yealink CP960 provides an audio capture distance of up to 20 meters. No cabling problems. The room where the teleconference is conducted aloud must limit the echo effect. It is done in rooms with furniture and equipment that break up sound waves.

Main features of the Yealink CP960

  •    5″ color touch screen 720×1280
  •    Android 5.1
  •    Bluetooth 4.0
  •    WiFi 802.11.b / g / n / ac
  •    Expandable with extra wireless microphones (optional – CPW90)
  •    Interactive on-screen menus
  •    HD Audio (high definition)
  •    Full duplex speaker
  •    Voice acquisition up to 3 meters – 360°
  •    Erases echoes
  •    Connect to cell phone or tablet (bluetooth)
  •    Conference at 5
  •    Supports USB recording
  •    Voice codec: G722, G722.1C, G726, G729, G723, iLBC, Opus
  •    Yealink Noise Reduction Technology
  •    1 SIP account
  •    Standby, Mute, DND, Recording, Hotline
  •    Last number redial, call waiting, emergency call
  •    Follow me, travel, call back
  •    Manual or automatic date setting
  •    3.5 mm jack connector for external speaker or amplifier
  •    LDAP / XMLspeakerphone Address Book ip yealink cp960
  •    Up to 1000 inputs / contacts
  •    Call log Import directory import
  •    Doors and connections
  •    1 RJ45 LAN 10/100
  •    WiFi 2.4 – 5 GHz
  •    Bluetooth 4.0
  •    Power over Ethernet 802.3af class 4 LAN port
  •    2 wired microphone ports
  •    2 USB 2.0 ports
  •    1 x 3.5 mm audio output jack
  •    1 USB 2.0 Micro-B port
  •    1 security slot
  •    Dimensions: 338 x 338 x 74 mm
Model CP960
Operating System Android 5.1
LCD  5″ 720 x 1280-pixel capacitive touch screen
LCD Backlight
Touch Keypad x
USB Port (2.0 Compliant) 2
USB 2.0 Micro-B Device Port 1(Connect to PC)
Ethernet Port 10/100Mbps
Wired MIC 2 (Optional)
Wireless MIC 2 (Optional)
3.5 mm Jack 1
Security Slot
HD Voice
Wide-Band Codecs G.722, G722.1C,Opus
Narrow-Band Codecs G.711(A/µ), G726, G729, G723, iLBC
Built-In 3-Microphone Array
Microphone Pickup 20ft
Yealink Noise Proof Technology
Noise Suppression
Built-In PoE IEEE 802.3af
Built-In Bluetooth Bluetooth 4.0
Built-In Wi-Fi 802.11a/b/g/n/ac
Battery x
Talk Time x
Standby Time x
Recording √ (Via USB flash drive)
Five-way Conferencing
Create meeting directly
Yealink Active Speaker
Hybrid UC Meeting
Star Connection √ ( up to 4 units)

HD audio conferencing for IP installation

The Yealink combines ease of use with a sophisticated set of features. It is ideal for a team environment, especially for a medium to large conference room. When it comes to audio quality, enjoy crystal-clear sound. You can expect a natural sounding conversation. The backlit touch screen provides suggestions for the use of specific functions. The soft keys interact with the menu and display functions.

With the Yealink CP960, you can synchronize your devices wirelessly and with wire. Connect to your smartphone or PC / tablet via Bluetooth and the USB Micro-B port. As a useful addition to your conference room, Yealink focuses on the users themselves. It is providing a truly professional conference experience.


Get the most out of your conversations with the CP960 and Yealink audio performance. With its Full Duplex HD quality, you’ll hear the person you’re talking to as if he or she was sitting next to you. In the same way, you’ll be perfectly heard by your callers. The communication will be efficient, clear, and pleasant.

You have all your devices at your disposal with the WIFI and Bluetooth connections integrated into the CP960. This allows you to move freely in your workplace while always being connected.

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