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Relocating Business Internet

If you decide to move your business internet without being sufficiently prepared for the change, your business structure can be highly disrupted. Communication devices and an internet connection are two essential elements for the smooth running of your business. Without them, you risk losing your current customers, new customers, and thus a lot of money.

The process of switching from ADSL, PSTN, symmetrical Internet, or business fiber to NBN can take some time and can be very confusing. Here is a step-by-step guide to help you make the switch more easily.

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Notify your telcom provider well in advance

Do you want to be sure to maintain connectivity from the outset at your new location? Then you should notify your Telcom operator as far in advance as possible.

The often-recommended timeframe is four weeks. This notice period allows enough time for each company to adjust to its new situation. This is a very important step. The complexity of your connection will depend on the infrastructure technology available in the new location. A technician’s intervention may be necessary. If you intend to change, move or cancel an NBN infrastructure, NBN Co has an online request form.

Allocate extra time if some defects need to be corrected

Before choosing your new office location, you should check the connectivity and communications at your new facility. Without some prior checking, you risk having unpleasant surprises. Taking some precautions is never a bad thing, especially on big relocations.

The possible negative impact that technology could cause your entire project to sink. Better safe than sorry. A careful organization allows more time to find solutions or alternatives in case the new address is totally incompatible with your Internet technology.

Set the time limits

Relocating your business is a big undertaking, but the biggest challenge lies in the details. The Internet is one of them, and the relocation of this aspect is often poorly managed. The reason for this is a real lack of organization.

The first step should be to establish the important dates of the move. This will allow you to have a better idea of all the steps of the project. You will be able to break them down into tasks that are easier to manage. This list will allow you to check them off one by one. Here is an example of such a list:

  • Make an inventory of your goods in stock
  • Define what needs to be packed, disassembled, or discarded
  • Arrange for any new equipment, furniture, and packing supplies you need
  • Inform your employees, customers, and suppliers of your new location
  • Transfer your telecommunications services

Create realistic timelines that take into account all the activities you need to manage.

Use the help of a relocation specialist

A professional relocation can be a source of stress and tension. Getting help from a specialist will relieve you of some essential tasks. A local technician can assist you in the transfer of your telephone services in a painless and transparent manner. He or she will take a big weight off your shoulders.

Need Help Choosing a Plan?

First and foremost, the business internet provider that works best for your business is the provider that services your area—so always start your search by plugging in your business’s address. Keep in mind that providers’ offers and rates will vary according to your location, too.

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