Why Choose FTG Business Phone Systems For Your Office In Perth?

FTG offers an extensive range of phone systems designed to meet a small business’s needs. We have a team of friendly and highly reliable experts who are always more than happy to help small business owners. That’s why it’s easy to see why many small businesses in Perth are turning to FTG for their phone system needs.

FTG is also in the process of rolling out NBN. The system being rolled out is currently available in many parts of Australia. NBN makes VoIP accessible and affordable to all businesses while being compatible with a growing number of phone system solutions.



Why Your Business Needs The Best Phone System?

All businesses in Australia rely extensively on their phone systems for reliable communications. As a small or medium-sized business, you can’t risk your clients or customers having a bad experience over the phone. That’s why it pays to invest in the best possible phone system that your business can afford. An effective telecommunications strategy will help your business gain a significant advantage over the competition, reduce costs and improve productivity.

A comprehensive telecommunications strategy should include all leading technologies like ISDN, PSTN and mobile devices. However, with the pace at which telecommunications technology is evolving, it is hard for a business owner to keep up with it. That’s why it is so important that businesses trust experts like us to help them find the best phone systems.

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Today, there are many different phone systems to choose from for any business. Many of our clients are driven by price. However, price alone does not determine quality. Plus, it is essential to know the long-term costs of such a system. A look at your bill should reveal if in fact, what you assumed to be a cheap or low-cost phone system isn’t taking its toll on your finances. In many instances, businesses end up paying more for a so-called cheaper phone system. That’s why we recommend VoIP as a solution for many businesses with an NBN or broadband internet.

VoIP relies heavily on the speed of your internet connection. That’s why call quality often suffers when internet speeds dip below a certain threshold. At FTG, we’ve developed a unique solution for businesses who may at times experience a dip in their internet speeds. By combining 4G, the system automatically switches to mobile broadband to sustain a crystal-clear line.

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Many businesses that used VoIP a few years ago were not satisfied by the service, and they continue to swear by the quality of their PBX system. VoIP suffered mainly because many phone system providers hadn’t set up their network efficiently. While PBX is excellent for a large business, it isn’t as efficient for smaller businesses. Generally, if your company has more than 25 handsets, a PBX will meet your needs. Smaller businesses with fewer than 25 handsets will benefit extensively from VoIP over NBN or fibre optic broadband internet.

Furthermore, it is important to stress that setting up a PBX is more expensive and has many limitations as compared to VoIP.When you choose FTG, all VoIP updates and improvements are free. A PBX system can’t be updated like VoIP, and so it requires sending a service technician over to the business to run the update manually.

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