Unifi Switch Pro 24

For all fans of the UniFi Pro Switch series, you can expand and power your network with the USW-Pro-24 24-port RJ45 with 2 SFP ports. It is part of the Ubiquiti UniFi Enterprise System. It features a silent and fanless cooling system. You can install this device in your workspace, whatever the nature of your business.

You can also enjoy an elegant 1.3″ touch screen display. The Unifi Switch Pro 24 is both powerful and attractive. Let’s take a closer look at the features and performance of this model.

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Key Features


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Scalable UniFi Network Controller

The exclusive Deep Packet Inspection (DPI) technology developed by Ubiquiti includes the latest application of identifying signatures. It enables the tracking of IP addresses and applications that consume the largest portion of bandwidth.As for the UniFi network controller, its operation is configurable. It allows to:

  • Establish accurate statistical reports and analysis
  • Manage large user populations
  • Speed up troubleshooting

Management Capabilities

The network controller function is intended for:

  • Power UniFi devices
  • Map networks
  • Quickly manage system traffic

The main technical elements of the network provide a simplified, yet powerful interface. It is organized in a very logical way. It is possible to manage many sites using a single controller running in the cloud. These sites can be deployed in a coordinated manner on several levels. They can also be leased to multiple managed service providers. All sites are naturally different and have their own:

  • Configuration
  • Maps, statistics
  • Visitor portal
  • Administrator accounts

Main features of the Unifi Switch Pro 24

  • 1U rack-mount all-in-one device
  • (24) Gigabit RJ45 ports
  • (2) 10G SFP+ ports
  • Characteristics of layers 2 and 3
  • UniFi SmartPower RPS DC Input
  • Virtually silent cooling
  • Touch screen 1.3
  • Managed by UniFi Network Controller version: 5.12.11 or higher
  • Centralized configuration management
  • Auto-MDIX self-adjusts as needed for straight or crossover cables
  • 802.1X (RADIUS) Authentication and Dynamic VLAN
  • Connection speed and duplex mode
  • TX/RX data rates
  • Network/VLAN

Switch Configuration

The UniFi Controller allows you to access any UniFi switch that is managed. It allows you to configure various functions:

  • Operation mode per port (switching, mirroring, or adding)
  • Configuration of the Network/VLAN
  • Jumbo frame and flow control services
  • Network settings
  • Storm control setting per port
  • Spanning tree configuration
  • 802.1X control and RADIUS VLAN
  • Debug terminal option for command-line interface

Layer 3 Features

By choosing UniFi Pro Switch, you can simultaneously process traffic on all ports at line rate. There is no packet loss whatsoever. You have a double advantage in terms of routing capacity. Layers 2 and 3 offer a better quality of service with more features such as:

  • Inter-VLAN routing
  • Static routing
  • DHCP server functionality

Fibre Connectivity

High-capacity uplinks can be established using SFP+ ports. Throughput can be up to 10 Gbps. This allows you to:

  • Connect directly to a high-performance storage server
  • Roll out a long-distance uplink to another switch

This device is compatible with the power supply failover system. It is the UniFi SmartPower RPS, model USP-RPS. This system provides redundant backup power in the event of an internal power supply failure.

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