Which Brand Of Photocopier Is Best?

Over the past forty years, the humble office photocopier has transformed into a sophisticated all-in-one device, offering businesses a range of useful tools and functions including printing, scanning, faxing and copying. The industry has made rapid advances and is constantly moving forward, with many photocopiers brands tapping into other mobile technologies including smart phones, tablets and WIFI capabilities.

What Are Photocopiers Used For?

Photocopiers (also known as copiers or copy machines) are used across a range of industries, particularly in the education, legal, banking, property and government sectors. With a range of useful functions now included in modern devices, their place in the office has prevailed, even as some businesses attempt to move towards paperless practices. Most of FTG’s clients choose multi-function devices that enable them to seamlessly integrate their technology into their business, and connect wirelessly to scan, copy, print and send emails.


What Is The Difference Between A Photocopier And A Printer?

What Are The Types Of Photocopiers

As one of the most important and frequently used devices in an office, businesses need their photocopiers and multi-function devices to be cost-effective, reliable, and easy to use.
With so many brands and devices available on the market, it is easy to be upsold or tempted to purchase technology that is unsuitable for your business.

Our extensive range of photocopiers offers high-quality colour, intuitive functions, and outstanding productivity. They’re big on quality and their fast, high-resolution output will make your office most efficient than ever before. They will also keep your data safe with advanced security features, encryption and advanced user authentication.

What Printer Is Like A Photocopier?

If your business prints and copies mostly in black and white, we can help you find the right high-speed device that is reliable yet inexpensive to run. However, if your business needs a combination of black and white plus colour printing for jobs such as marketing brochures and pamphlets, we will advise which device will effectively produce high-quality and vibrant copies so you can save money by performing your printing in-house.

FTG specialises in helping businesses by sourcing, supplying, and servicing a broad range of high-performance photocopiers and multifunction devices for small and medium businesses, through to full photocopier fleets for large and complex organisations.

Which Device Works Like A Xerox Machine?

We are one of Australia’s most trusted photocopier suppliers, with over 50 years’ experience in office technology. We will help you establish your print volumes and best options for software integration based on your office, space requirements, the number of employees, future business needs, and the number and type of print and copier jobs. As an independent, brand-agnostic office partner, FTG’s team helps you choose the best printing and copier device for your business and explain the pros and cons of each to give you complete peace of mind.

What Is A Photocopier Used For?

How Much Is A Photocopier?

Photocopiers/MFDs are large, free-standing devices that are much cheaper to run per print page than the traditional, older standalone printers. Their primary purpose is to generate copies of a single file document at high speed which can be printed onto paper or scanned to send to email recipients, however, they also offer a range of other useful functions for businesses.

What Is The Definition Of A Photocopier?

Modern photocopiers found on the market today use technology called xerography; a dry copying process where black or coloured toner particles are transferred onto paper in the form of an image using heat and pressure. Inkjet is another technology copiers use, however, xerography is what powers most modern devices.

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What Are The Advantages Of A Photocopier?

Every photocopier has its own features, models, and complex technical specifications, as well as different consumables, print speeds, power consumption, and maintenance needs. Due to their size, weight, and ongoing running costs, it is vital for businesses to carefully consider their photocopier options when they’re looking for the perfect device. With advancements in the smartphone market, most modern photocopiers these days are controlled in a similar way to a smartphone, with easy-to-use touch screens that display all options to users and allow businesses to customise settings according to their needs.

How Does A Photocopier Work?

Multifunctional devices (MFD) or printers (MFP) are still typically known as the ‘printer’ or ‘photocopier’ by employees, as the technical term MFD or MFP is not widely used. As a minimum, these devices integrate various functions in a single device, saving space and making offices more productive. MFPs perform much more basic functions than their MFD counterparts and can include faxing, stapling, folding, hole-punching to complete more complex printing tasks.

How Were Copies Made Before Photocopiers?

Most businesses find that combining printing, scanning, copying, and faxing in one device is a more affordable and convenient option because combining these functionalities reduces the cost of producing photocopies using inkjet or laser technologies. Photocopiers and MFD make managing the day-to-day tasks in small, medium, and large businesses easier.

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