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Switching from in-house IT support to an external Managed Service Provider (MSP) can present certain difficulties. One of our clients recently underwent this transition and was eager to recount their experience with FTG, highlighting the successful transformation of their office technology.

Read their story below.

Business Challenge: The challenge was to seamlessly transition SecureEnergy to a reliable technology partner within a tight timeline, considering the project’s critical nature and the complications stemming from the Elecnor-Clough joint venture dissolution.

Solution: The solution involved adopting a cloud-centric approach to transfer emails and establish proper folder permissions through SharePoint.

Results: The outcome was the swift and flawless transfer of essential project files and critical information, including emails and data, without any disruption to project timelines.

Samuel Basanta Lopez on FTG's IT Suppport

“We are so grateful that FTG was able to assist us with this difficult transition. SecureEnergy was facing many challenges. FTG came in and was able to take charge of all our IT requirements while keeping our project alive. Thanks to their tireless efforts, we did not lose a single day. This was crucial to our success.”

Samuel Basanta Lopez
Energy Connect Project Director

About Secure Energy

SecureEnergy is a project overseen by Elecnor Australia, a renowned worldwide authority in high voltage transmission and substation EPC (Engineering, Procurement, and Construction). Elecnor possesses the expertise, know-how, and an illustrious legacy essential for executing projects with an impeccable safety record, supported by their world-class and well-established proficiency in technology, renewable energy, and infrastructure. Initially, Elecnor and Clough jointly undertook the project, with Clough’s internal IT team handling the management of their office IT infrastructure. Following the dissolution of Elecnor’s joint venture with Clough, the goal was to relocate SecureEnergy to FTG (Futura Technology Group), Elecnor’s existing Managed IT service provider.

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In the ever-evolving world of IT infrastructure, the transition from internal support to an external Managed Service Provider (MSP) can be a daunting challenge. Recently, one of our valued clients embarked on this journey and was eager to share their remarkable experience with FTG (Futura Technology Group), the architects of their seamless office technology transition. Let’s delve into the extraordinary case study of SecureEnergy and their successful transition with zero downtime.

SecureEnergy, a pivotal project led by Elecnor Australia, a global powerhouse in high voltage transmission and substation EPC, prides itself on delivering projects with zero harm and harnessing world-class expertise in technology, renewable energy, and infrastructure. When SecureEnergy initially found itself in a joint venture with Clough, its office IT infrastructure was handled by Clough’s internal IT team. However, with the dissolution of the Elecnor-Clough joint venture, SecureEnergy was presented with the opportunity to transition to FTG, Elecnor’s current Managed IT service provider.

The Business Challenge:

The challenge at hand was monumental – swiftly moving SecureEnergy to a trusted technology partner, all while grappling with the complexities arising from the Elecnor-Clough joint venture’s dissolution.

FTG’s Clever approach:

FTG embraced a cloud-centric approach to ensure a seamless transition. Their strategy involved transferring emails and ensuring that all employees had the correct folder permissions through SharePoint.

Exceptional Results:

With utmost precision and efficiency, FTG orchestrated the swift transfer of critical project files, emails, and data. Not a single project day was lost during this intricate transition.

What Actions Were Taken by FTG?

SecureEnergy, a flagship project facing various teething issues, entrusted FTG with the colossal task of revamping their office technology within a tight three-week window. This encompassed the delivery and setup of 210 new laptops for the staff, the implementation of a teams telephony solution within a week, and the successful overhaul of their network infrastructure, complete with a new Microsoft tenancy dedicated exclusively to SecureEnergy.

FTG’s tech team exhibited unwavering commitment through daily meetings with stakeholders across the globe. They diligently collaborated with Elecnor in Spain, Deloitte, and Clough, ensuring that the transition remained the central focus amidst negotiations and administrative considerations. Samuel Basanta Lopez, Energy Connect Project Director, was an integral part of the process and commended FTG’s dedicated professionals for their ability to understand SecureEnergy’s unique needs and swiftly present a comprehensive strategy to optimize infrastructure and streamline IT operations.

Challenges Are Inevitable:

While challenges are a natural part of any project, FTG’s nimbleness and commitment shone through. They proactively addressed and resolved issues, ensuring a smooth and uninterrupted transition. The FTG team’s approachability and clear communication fostered trust and confidence, making it easy for SecureEnergy to reach out whenever needed.

The Triumph in Details:

FTG’s meticulous cloud-focused approach to transferring emails and configuring folder permissions through SharePoint, with the creation of multiple servers across different geographic locations, circumvented any limitations on bandwidth. Notably, they skilfully reconfigured terabytes of email data into each user’s Outlook, preserving access to previous emails. Every critical project file, email, and piece of data was seamlessly transferred, leaving no room for disruption.

A Commitment to Ongoing Excellence:

FTG’s dedication to customer service extended beyond the initial transition. Their ongoing work includes rebuilding SecureEnergy’s SharePoint site to industry standards for enhanced functionality. Since completing the SharePoint migration, FTG has been tirelessly reengineering the structure to enable seamless interdepartmental file access and ensure version history is accessible for all files. These measures were indispensable in ensuring the overall success of the project.

In the words of SecureEnergy, “We are so grateful that FTG was able to assist us with this difficult transition. SecureEnergy was facing many challenges. FTG came in and was able to take charge of all our IT requirements while keeping our project alive. Thanks to their tireless efforts, we did not lose a single day. This was crucial to our success.”

Top-Tier Helpdesk Support:

FTG’s commitment to excellence extends to ensuring that SecureEnergy receives the best in helpdesk support. Their technicians make routine five-day visits to remote sites every month, offering in-person assistance to resolve any IT issues promptly. This proactive approach keeps the project on track and minimizes disruptions in remote locations.

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Positioned for success:

“I would highly recommend FTG to any business seeking top-tier managed IT services. They have not only addressed our immediate IT needs but have also positioned us for future success,” says Ana. With FTG, SecureEnergy has discovered a trusted partner capable of keeping their technology running seamlessly, allowing them to focus on their core strength: delivering their project with unparalleled success.

In summary, the SecureEnergy case study is a testament to FTG’s exceptional capabilities and unwavering commitment to their clients’ success. They have navigated the intricacies of a high-stakes IT transition with precision, ensuring zero downtime and positioning SecureEnergy for a future marked by seamless technology operation.

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