Cybersecurity Risk Assessment

The fastest way to understand the cybersecurity risks your business faces

Is your business cyber-secure? Take this 15-minute test to assess your IT policies and infrastructure and see if your business is being left vulnerable to cyberattacks.

Who is this cybersecurity self assessment for?

FTG’s free Cybersecurity Risk Assessment helps IT managers and business leaders to assess the strength of their organisation’s cybersecurity. Don’t put your business at risk of financial and reputational damage; make sure your network is protected against potential security breaches.

Many businesses unknowingly leave themselves open to cybersecurity breaches, with common risk areas such as cloud applications, unsecured mobile devices, and poor password security. By taking this simple risk assessment, you can identify vulnerabilities and protect your business from cyber attacks. 

Cybersecurity Dangers

Common Practices Putting Your Business at Risk

Maintaining cybersecurity is crucial, but many businesses put themselves at risk with common mistakes.

Lack of Employee


No Multi-Factor


Mobile Devices

How Does The Cybersecurity Risk Assessment Work?

The risk assessment tool asks simple questions about your company’s current IT policies and practices. Your answers are then scored in comparison to Australian industry expectations, outlining the areas of greatest risk.

Enhancing Security for Small Business

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Enhancing Security for Small Business

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