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At FTG, we love talking to our customers about office technology to find them simple, personalised solutions that save them valuable time and money.

With over 50 years’ experience in Australia and New Zealand, we are your one-stop shop offering personalised service, integrated solutions and ongoing servicing, so you can forget about technology and focus on growing your business. We can help you assess, compare, quote, source, supply, bill and service all of your office technology needs.

Most importantly, our customers receive independent, unbiased advice, access to the latest technology, and responsive on-the-ground assistance from local technical teams. Our comprehensive, full-suite offer provides businesses with ultimate flexibility to support their business now and in the future.

We have hundreds of products and solutions which are sourced from global leaders in each category and our local team of technical experts specialise in helping businesses choose the right combination of solutions to suit each business’ needs.

Our flexible, one-of-a-kind service platform brings all your office technology and IT together in a simple monthly lease payment, with no upfront costs. Our flexible financial agreements let you access the latest technology as your business grows, while our strong relationships with hundreds of leading technology and IT brands means you will always receive the best support and service.


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Tomorrow’s Office, today

Future-proofing every office in Australia with state-of-the-art, personalised technology solutions.

How can we help

Contact us today for a free, bespoke technical assessment of your office technology needs. We’ll show you how you can optimise your office technology requirements, reduce costs and increase your business productivity. We pride ourselves on our independent, brand-agnostic recommendations that give you complete peace of mind.

Our team of technical experts will then build a customised, obligation-free quote which typically includes a simple, fixed monthly amount for office technology and/or IT that doesn’t require any capital outlay. With many different options and flexibility, businesses can also choose to upgrade to new technology as it is released.

If our customers are committed elsewhere, we can also look to purchase the balance of any existing hardware agreements if there are cost savings for you. We also help our customers to leverage any existing investments they’ve already made.

Once finance is approved, we take care of the delivery, implementation, maintenance and upgrades of all your office equipment.


We offer

  • Multifunction print and copier devices

  • Large and wide format printing solutions

  • Responsive service and maintenance – four-hour turnaround guarantee

  • Print hardware, software, digital documentation


FTG is Australia’s leading office technology business offering:

  • Personalised advice – Fair, independent, and unbiased advice to source the most suitable devices for your business.

  • All-inclusive service – Single point of contact to assess, quote, source, supply, bill and service all of your technology needs now and into the future.

  • Latest technology – Largest range of office product and services in the market.

  • Seamless – Integrated, compatible solutions to boost business productivity and workflow – reduce in-house resources and outsourced services.

  • Local support – One Account Manager and reliable servicing by Australian-based tech staff with 4 hour guaranteed turnaround time.

  • Simple billing – One easy, automated monthly account – pay only for what you use – no capital outlay.

  • Sustainable – Reduce print output and make your office enviro-friendly.

  • Flexible – Exit your current agreement and choose a flexible leasing solution.

As one of the most important and frequently used devices in an office, businesses need their multi-function printer or device to be cost-effective, reliable and easy to use.

With so many brands and devices available on the market, it is easy to be upsold into technology that is unsuitable. As an independent, brand-agnostic office partner, FTG’s team help you choose the best printing and copier device for your business and tell you the pros and cons of each brand.

Contacting FTG to assess your current and future printer requirements is guaranteed to save you time and money. Every device has its own features, models and complex technical specifications, as well as different consumables, print-speeds, power consumption and maintenance needs. We will help you establish your print volumes and best options for software integration based on your office, space requirements, number of employees, future business needs, and number and type of print jobs.

Most businesses these days choose multi-function devices so they can seamlessly integrate their technology into their business, and connect wirelessly to scan, copy, print and send emails. But in an effort to go paperless, we’ve seen some businesses wanting to downsize, lower their printing costs, and keep a simple, easy to maintain printer that suits their needs. Our team will do all the groundwork for you and recommend the right solution based on your business needs – just give us a call to get free, unbiased advice and obtain your obligation-free quote.

Browse our range of multifunction devices, laser printers, and photocopiers


Our stylish range of laser printers is offered high-quality colour, intuitive options, and outstanding productivity. These devices are compact in size but big on quality and their fast, high-resolution output will make your office most efficient than ever before. They will also keep your data safe with advanced security features, encryption and advanced user authentication.

If your business prints mostly in black and white, we offer high print speed devices that are reliable yet inexpensive to run. Laser printers are faster and cheaper to run per page than inkjet models. But if your business needs colour printing for jobs such as marketing brochures and pamphlets, the right colour laser printer will produce high-quality and vibrant copies so you can keep your printing in-house. From our years of experience, we find that inkjet devices produce high-quality images and are more affordable but generally limited to smaller offices and specific print jobs. Our team has over 50 years of expertise in the office technology industry, giving you peace of mind that we’ll recommend the right managed print solution for your business.


Unlock your office potential with FTG’s range of multifunction print and copier solutions. Multifunction Devices are essential to the day-to-day management of most small, medium, and large businesses. We source, supply, and maintain a broad range of high-performance multifunction devices for small and medium businesses, through to large and complex organizations.

Our team has over 50 years of expertise in the office technology industry, giving you peace of mind that we’ll recommend the right managed print solution for your business.

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